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Application of Embedded Board in B-mode Ultrasound

Ultrasound diagnostic technology is an economical, practical, repeatable, and non-invasive inspection method, which has no impact on the human body with wide adaptability. In particular, the B-mode ultrasound system centered on ultrasound image technology has become a commonly used medical examination method, and its application in various clinical fields has become increasingly widespread. Ultrasonography B is a medical diagnostic instrument that uses ultrasonic conduction technology and ultrasonic image diagnosis technology. Its basic principle is to radiate high-frequency ultrasonic pulse waves into a living body, and reflects different waveforms and form images from different interfaces in the living body. And by following the procedure, medical authorities get to determine whether there is a disease in the organism.

With the rapid development of computer technology, information technology, electronic technology and other high technology with the demand for clinical diagnosis and treatment, the requirements for image quality and resolution are getting higher and higher. The scope and information volume of ultrasound diagnosis are continuously expanding and the B-ultrasound has transformed from analog to fully digital. As a leading manufacturer of embedded industrial computers, Vantron has been paying attention to the technological development in the field of medical electronics. At the same time, Vantron with its own embedded technology covering hardware and software, and outstanding advantages such as small size, high reliability, low power consumption, wide temperature and long life, has already maintained its competitive advantages in technology and market for many users of medical electronics industry at home and abroad. The project’s fine profits have made outstanding contributions to Vantron’s market competiveness.

The working principle of the B-ultrasound is to use probes composed of multiple crystals, grouped according to different combinations, and under the control of electronic switches, to sequentially use the scanning method to obtain multiple scan lines on a certain section of the tissue. The echo is displayed on the corresponding plane, that is, it constitutes a two-dimensional echo image of a section in the tissue. It is mainly composed of the following parts: ultrasonic transducer (probe), transmitting / receiving unit, data processing system, and panel control system, keyboard, printing equipment and display camera system, etc. 

Vantron’s embedded core board is favored by many domestic and foreign medical equipment manufacturers due to its small size, powerful capacity, low power consumption and strong stability, and has been successfully applied to new portable all-digital B-scan diagnostic instruments at home and abroad. Vantron’s application in B-scan diagnostic system is evaluated from the hardware platform. Vantron's solution is embedded, low power consumption, fan less design, and integrated graphics card, network card, support CF card, micro-multiple storage devices such as SD card, integrated multiple serial and parallel I / O interfaces, and can be expanded through multiple protocol interfaces to meet various special needs of customer equipment. From the software platform evaluation, Vantron can provide customers with customized embedded Linux, WinCE and other embedded systems, and flexibly cooperate with customers' self-developed application software.

The following figure is the application function structure diagram of  Vantron’s embedded core board VT-COM-CV in a domestic manufacturer’s all-digital ultrasonic testing system.

Vantron VT-COM-CV features:

* Intel Atom N2600, 1.6GHz, / N2800, 1.86GHz

* Onboard DDR3 800MHz-1066MHz, 512MB maximum 4GB memory

* Embedded SATA II SSD with built-in solid state drive * Onboard DDR2 800MHz, 512MB, maximum 2GB memory

* COM Express ™ standard type 1, version 2.0

* Support Windows, or Linux operating system

* 3xPCI-Express x1, 2xSATAII, 8xUSB2.0 port

* Support wide temperature: -20 ~ + 85

From the above VT-COM-CV functions of Vantron’s motherboard, it is not hard to realize that VT-COM-CV can not only meet the application of full digital ultrasound and black-and-white ultrasound diagnosis. At the same time, Vantron's VT-COM-CV is also the best application solution for cart-type B-ultrasound, portable B-ultrasound, and veterinary B-ultrasound. In the form of a core board, users can develop different bottom plates to achieve the common effect of the core plates of multiple models of products, which can greatly save development costs and reduce development difficulty.

Facing the sacred cause of creating health and saving lives, medical technology has achieved remarkable results in the win-win cooperation with the medical field. Vantron is one of the world's leading manufacturers of embedded industrial computers, covering the embedded technology of hardware and software. Its small size, high reliability, low power consumption and long life have made the "embedded" medical device product exhibition illustrates outstanding advantages. With its small size, powerful performance, low power consumption, and super stable performance, Vantron’s embedded mini motherboard is also the perfect allocation plan for nuclear magnetic resonance, multi-parameter clinical nursing device, mobile medical diagnostic computer system (on the car), ultrasonic scanning system, X-ray imaging system, computer scalpel, and pharmacy prescription drug selection query system.

Vantron’s committed to providing users with professional software and hardware platform system solutions, high-efficiency and low-power embedded system solutions. Vantron’s comprehensive technical service, technical support and after-sales service system, embedded modular technology R&D team and production center aims to provide users with best embedded solutions.

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