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Successful Case of Embedded Gigabit 3.5-inch Board in Car Multimedia System

Vantron's VT-SBC-BT35 embedded gigabit 3.5-inch board is integrated with the IPC system to provide real-time video transmission services for vehicle multimedia entertainment systems. The system integrators select 3.5-inch boards to easily create customized integration solutions. In addition, the use of the 3.5-inch Gigabit card to transmit large-volume video information is not only feasible, but it also reduces project costs for integrators.

In the course of going out, modern consumers are increasingly demanding video and entertainment. Various operators and integrators have successively launched mobile intelligent entertainment systems, thereby widely improving their market competitiveness. This move has promoted the growth and development of chair-back multimedia entertainment systems. To meet the massive market demand, IPC equipment must have high-bandwidth data forwarding capabilities and be able to process large amounts of video and audio information.

Vantron’s VT-SBC-BT35 embedded Gigabit 3.5-inch board provides a perfect solution for loading the switch function in the IPC system. It not only improves system integration, reduces project costs, but also ensures high-bandwidth real-time data transmission. Using the easy-to-install driver, the embedded board can be easily installed in the IPC system. The embedded board is equipped with two gigabit ports, which can be connected to multiple video equipment at the same time. And it is used to display different multimedia information, such as playing video images, running different games, providing map navigation and so on.

VT-SBC-BT35 combines -40 ~ 85 ° C wide temperature operating temperature, 9-36V wide voltage input, debounce design, which can provide high reliability, low cost embedded network communication solution. With the customized design, it is suitable for modern airport, public transportation, trains and other transportation systems.

VT-SBC-BT35 board features:

· Intel Atom E3845 / 1.91GHz, E3827 / 1.75GHz, E3815 / 1.46GHz

· Onboard DDR3L 533 / 667MHz, 1GB, maximum 8GB

· 2x10 / 100 / 1000-BaseT Ethernet, 2xUSB 3.0 (Host + Device, 3xUSB2.0 HOST

· 1xVGA output interface, 1xLVDS interface

· 1xSATA II interface for SSD or Hard Disk

· 1x audio interface, 1x microphone input, buzzer alarm

· Power input DC12V, or DC24V (9-36V), support automatic power-on

· Support Windows, or Linux operating system

· Standard 3.5 inch board size and mounting holes

· 3xRS232, 1xRS232 / 422/485, 1xCAN2.0b

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