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Smart Electricity Solution

This project example deploys Vantron’s industrial gateways in electrical distribution stations in factories and commercial buildings for remote metering and monitoring. Vantron’s gateways designed for utility applications support various power-specific protocols such as Modbus, DLT-645, IEC-60870-101 / 102/103/104, IEC-61850, CDT91, etc. Data can be aggregated and pre-processed and uploaded via public (e.g., 4G LTE) or private (e.g., Ethernet, WiFi, or private LTE) to client’s cloud for storage or predictive analysis.  

Featured Product:

IoT Gateway VT-M2M-BTA-DE

Vantron’s VT-M2M-BTA-DE is an Intel X86-based gateway specially designed for IoT communication with rich edge computing capabilities.


Product Specification:


Intel Atom Baytrail single-core / dual-core / quad-core industrial-grade low-power processor

Built-in 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, LoRa, or other wireless communication modules

Industrial grade temperature -40 °C~ + 85 °C, 10-year long product availability

Rich input / output interfaces: 2x Ethernet, 2x USB, 2x UART, 1x CAN, 1x VGA

Support Windows 7 / 8/10

Support edge computing applications, remote management, and remote updates

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