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Granary Environment Intelligent Monitoring Solution

1. System Overview

With the rapid development and application of the Internet of Things technology in China, the application of the Internet of Things technology to the agriculture and warehousing industry and the realization of intelligent, unmanned and intensive management of agricultural production and warehousing will inevitably accelerate the agricultural technology development. Granary as a major event related to national economy and people's livelihood, naturally demands new technology development. The establishment of an intelligent monitoring system for the temperature and humidity of the granary is of practical significance for the realization of efficient and cost-effective management.

Through the development of a set of intelligent monitoring systems for the grain storage environment based on the Internet of Things technology, real-time monitoring of the temperature, and humidity and CO2 concentration of each distributed grain storage is realized. Conducting real-time control of the work of on-site air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers and other equipment to achieve the on-site environment indicators are within acceptable ranges. Enabling the intelligent control and monitoring of the grain silo will inevitably reduce storage costs, improve management efficiency, and forward grain silo management.

2. System Composition

The system is mainly composed of the following parts: on-site collection and control equipment, data communication equipment, system server, and control management software system.

On-site acquisition and control equipment includes: data acquisition unit, equipment control unit, and alarm equipment unit.

Data communication equipment includes: Internet of things gateway, network router.

System server includes: Intel CPU server based on X86 architecture

The control and management software system includes: server-side management software and mobile terminal APP.



System composition block diagram

Based on the Internet of Things technology, the system organizes various parts of the system organically through Ethernet and ZigBee, WIFI and other network forms to accomplish data collection, transmission and device control.

  • On-site collection and control equipment

    The environmental data collection units arranged at various positions of the granary, collects the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration information of each warehouse in real time, and then upload the data to the data communication equipment with the gateway as the core. The device control unit, as the communication interface between the gateway and the controlled device, is arranged near the controlled device or above the controlled device to ensure that the air conditioner, fan, dehumidifier and other devices adjust the environmental conditions in the granary according to the instructions. The alarm equipment prepares for the abnormal situations in the granary, such as fire, water and other evil situations. When such situations occur, it emits visual warning messages such as lights and alarm bells, prompting the management personnel to go to the scene for emergency treatment. At the same time, it sends the alarm information to the system server and each access terminal through the network, or notifies the specific management personnel by SMS.

  • Data communication equipment

    Data communication equipment mainly conducts data collection and communication and other data transmission. The core of data communication is Vantron’s Internet of Things gateway. The gateway supports Ethernet, serial port, USB and other wired transmission and ZigBee, LoRa, WIFI, GPRS, 4G and other wireless transmission methods. For the granaries with inconvenient wiring in the warehouse, the gateway uses wireless communication methods, such as WIFI or Zigbee or LoRa wireless communication method to communicate with the collection and control equipment. The data transmission between the gateway and the router or the network can be distributed according to the number of on-site granaries, and these fields can choose Ethernet or 4G / GPRS communication method in other situations.

  • System server

    Vantron can provide a 1U server, sets up a control management center for customers, and realizes monitoring, query, calculation, statistics, control, storage, analysis, alarm and other functions. While it is also linked with the equipment in the granary to automatically calculate and control refrigeration, dehumidification, ventilation and other equipment operations.

  • System management software system

    Controls and manages software system, including server-side management software and mobile terminal APP. The server side is the subject of the system software. The main data collection, analysis, storage, and device control functions are all implemented by the host computer side. The mobile terminal APP and PC terminal management software mainly comply the real-time query and display of the environmental conditions of the granary, the operation status of the control equipment, the setting of the system operating parameters, and the manual control of the operation of the field equipment. But compared with the server side, it has a relatively rudimentary system control right.

3. Operation mode

For the system operation mode, users can choose the specific operation mode according to the system construction and the actual situation of the granary:


Personnel manual control

The system only collects the temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and other information in the granary as needed, and uploads the information to the system for the reference of the granary management personnel. According to their own experience, the managers control the operation of the on-site cooling, ventilation and dehumidification equipment on the system. This control method has lower requirements on the system and simpler operation, but it has certain requirements on the knowledge and experience of the management personnel. It can be used as a pragmatic option in the early stages of system construction before the system functions are imperfect and reliability is not fully verified. Or it can be used as a backup solution in case of system maintenance, upgrade, or other abnormal conditions. 

  • Single granary automatic control

    All the equipment in a single granary has been operated as an independent system. Each granary has its own gateway as the core, and is equipped with a PC or server to complete the monitoring function of the environment in the warehouse. The parameters of the system operation are set in the software system, and the system automatically adjusts the environment in the granary. This control method can save labor costs, but the operation control center cannot comprehend and control the conditions of each granary in real time.

  • Network centralized control

    Each granary serves as a node, and the system connects the granaries scattered in various places through the network. The information of each granary is collected and displayed in real time in the operation control center. After the control center processes the data in a unified manner, it controls each granary environment in real time. In this control mode, the system has comprehensive functions and the lowest labor cost. The system is basically in unattended operation mode. However, this operation mode requires that the system development and construction is relatively consummate, and only after a certain period of operation inspection can it be fully put into operation.

4. Features

    1.Environmental humidity monitoring

2. CO2 concentration monitoring

3. Device linkage control

4. Automatic alarm function

5. System remote control

6. System software upgrade

7. System function expansion

5. Major Equipment

IoT gateway VT-M2M-LV

Features of Vantron products:

Ti ARM9 processor

Support Ethernet port

Support WIFI, 4G / GPRS, GPS, ZigBe / LoRa wireless communication module optional

Support Vantron XOS remote operating system

Support industrial wide temperature

Industrial Control Server VT-IPC1U-IVY

   INTEL Core I3 / 5/7 series processor optional


Support 8GB DDR3 1600MT / s RAM

Support VGA HDMI dual display, support dual Gigabit network port

Support Win7 Pro, WinXP, Win8 64bit, Linux operating system

1U specification, 483 x 352mm

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