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IoT gateway

Vantron entered the IoT since 2010 and has a very complete product line of Internet of Things gateways worldwide from the low-power gateways to the high-performance edge computing gateways and it also provides a complete set of IoT solutions.


Embedded board

Vantron provides embedded computer products based on X86 platform and ARM platform. The processor platform includes NXP\Ti\Rockchip\Intel and so on. We also provide technical support based on Linux\Android\Windows and other operating systems.


Industrial tablet

Vantron's industrial tablet PCs and HMI have the features of high performance, low power consumption, vandal-proof, and lightweight design, and are specially designed for industrial users.


Software product

The connection between XOS and the MDM cloud management platform developed by Vantron allows users to monitor, operate and diagnose remote devices without sending technical personnel to the site, enabling users to interact with the Industrial IoT.




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